Coding Potential Calculator
This guide is about how to install CPC package on your local machine.
And firstly, you might want to go to the Download Page.

  • Pre-requisite
    • NCBI BLAST package: a local version could be downloaded from
    • A relatively comprehensive protein database. UniRef90 and NCBI nr should be both okay. The database should be named as "prot_db", and put under the data/ sub-directory.
  • Getting CPC source-code.

    Now surppose your username is tom and your hostname is jerry, and so the prompt might be tom@jerry$ . Using the following command to get CPC standalone package.
    tom@jerry$ wget
  • Then use this command to unpackage the compressed source-code package.
    tom@jerry$ gzip -dc cpc-0.9.tar.gz | tar xf -
    or just
    tom@jerry$ tar -zxf cpc-0.9.tar.gz
  • Then complie and install the CPC package.
    tom@jerry$ cd cpc-0.9
    tom@jerry$ export CPC_HOME="$PWD"
    tom@jerry$ cd libs/libsvm
    tom@jerry$ gzip -dc libsvm-2.8.1.tar.gz | tar xf -
    tom@jerry$ cd libsvm-2.8.1
    tom@jerry$ make clean && make
    tom@jerry$ cd ../..
    tom@jerry$ gzip -dc estate.tar.gz | tar xf -
    tom@jerry$ cd estate
    tom@jerry$ make clean && make
  • Format BLAST database named as "prot_db", and put under the $CPC_HOME/data/ directory.

  • Run CPC
    tom@jerry$ cd $CPC_HOME
    tom@jerry$ bin/ (input_seq) (result_in_table) (working_dir) (result_evidence)